Taxi Drivers and Stations

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Dear taxi station operators; private hire operators; taxi drivers; and minicab drivers.

This free taxi app is both user friendly and universal:

1. It registers both stations and drivers;

2. It registers them wherever they are (any country, city, town or village);

3. It allows drivers to update location whenever they see fit;

4. It refers passengers to the registered phone numbers of nearby stations and drivers;

5. It works from any browser-enabled device. Android smart phones, iPhones, tablets, and even desktop computers (with any operating system);

6. It manages its virtual taxi rank in a manner that gives passengers, drivers and stations a valuable service;

7. Registration is free; The only requirement from stations and drivers is to help us maintain quality of service;

8. Passengers can access the taxi button service freely and simply; are not required to register or give any information other than location; and can choose to call stations or drivers as they will.


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